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Influencer Campaigns

YOUSEEMEMIAMI enables brands to engage and activate global audiences through the use of specific instruments and strategies to promote marketing and commitment. We support our customers in strategizing, developing and implementing efficient advertising campaigns.

Influencer Strategy

At YOUSEEMEMIAMI, we connect brands to the finest influential players, the “new/fresh voices,” the characters “in their manner,” the characteristics “already known” and the influential players “well established.” You will include your product / service in your Instagram feed, sharing it with your faithful supporters.

Influencer Events

Showing at an event or trade show we will focus on the creation of buzz and as much exposure as possible for your brand. Where other traditional means of marketing do not work well, influencer marketing provides the ideal combination of advantages, like aiming adherents inside your niche, supporting a extremely committed public, showing your brand away from home and acquiring confidence by branding influencers.

Content Creation

In social media, content is king and the key for influencers to distinguish between audiences. Influencers are communicators who can readily and organically amplify posts, stories, create or further create pictures, connect brands and people at each posting, to universes of faithful supporters.

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Who is an Influencer?

Your best friend, your confident mouthword, your initial creator of content. The classical media like paper magazines, television and radio are obsolete. We have certain secrets for creating a cost-beneficial campaign for influencers.

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The Method

We perform our Campaign following 5 fundamental steps:
Precise selection of the influencers based on their focus, their public, their gender, their geolocation and their pertinent content.
In order to monitor the outcomes of any campaign and enhance the paid marketing effort, we follow the followers clicks to monitor the conversions on your website.
Share and optimize your work on the content. Save the influencer content and repost it on your social network. Duplicated power! 
Measure your action: combine the promoted + the organic impacts to assess the complete results of your campaign. We have access to the influencers IG feed to check their organic statistics in real time, cause we are working with professional influencers.
  Improve your campaign with our secret sauce!

Influencer Events

The Secret Sauce

For a successful campaign, combine your influencer actions mixing our tools: Backlink Strategy, Press Release Distribution, Website Traffic Boost, Competitor Keyword-research strategy. Never rely to work only on the influencers, you need to rocket your campaign with our special sauce.

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The Distinctive Action

Be pertinent on your campaign with influencers. Tell you have enough of fake followers, vague targeting, poor content and show-off metrics. Stimulate your campaign with unique promotions, fresh offers, donations. Tell your public about your most recent collections and keep them updated. Apply the correct keywords or hashtags. Sharply set up your e-commerce soo you can drive real results.

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